Operational Turnaround Projects

We can successfully turnaround and elevate your skilled nursing, assisted living, CCRC, senior living companies and restore proper systems/operations management to meet and exceed licensure and certification regulatory outcomes, improve team communication across departments, dramatically improve resident care outcomes, and financial viability.

We will work within your budgetary and projected financial and mission objectives and customize the strategic plan to meet specific senior care living needs. We can provide continued oversight to maintain/ensure outcomes. Our experts utilize a hands on approach, have experience steering the ship on course, and will provide expert guidance to reach your goals. We will provide a strategic plan, focusing on priorities first, with short term and long term planning, systems/operations management, risk management, financial planning, marketing brand development, enhancing staffing models, and ensuring proven best practices within the senior health care industry.

We have proven successful experience as health turnaround specialists handling crisis situations, successfully navigating through difficult regulatory issues, including media visibility, while getting the ship on course and strengthening the team through the process.

Interim Management and Leadership Services

-NHA, DON, MDS, Regional, VP/C Level Operations and Clinical (includes professional coaching and training)
We work with senior care businesses to provide professional interim management and leadership with experts that have proven successful outcomes within skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Interim projects range from 3 to 6 months.  We can assist with candidate interviewing/screening and train/on board the new leader if desired by the client.

Client driven goals/objectives are identified and executed within your systems/operational structure to meet your organizational needs and reports can be provided to showcase quality measure outcomes. Due to our vast network, we provide interim management with people who have worked with and for us.

Regulatory Compliance and Readiness

-Mock Surveys, Plans of Correction, Informal Dispute Resolutions, Directed Inservice Training, JCAHO prep
Our associates team are experts in regulatory compliance for licensure and certification surveys, as well as VA certification survey compliance and above. We know OBRA and CMS regulatory compliance and we keep up with the ever changing regulatory environment.

We have proven success in survey prep for successful outcomes, as well as “turnaround” of facilities in regulatory crisis management and will restore your facility’s standing. We have the leadership expertise, hands on approach, auditing/monitoring tools, policies/procedures, and evaluation methods to ensure continued regulatory compliance.

We are excellent with plans of correction, refuting deficiencies, turning around special focus facilities, managing Federal Oversight Surveys.

There is not one facility we haven’t been able to turnaround ensure compliance.

Strategic Planning

We have the business acumen and visionary expertise to provide strategic planning for a start-up project or to re-evaluate and redefine an organization’s focus to strategically position them for operational and financial sustainability, visibility in the marketplace and preserve their mission to ensure quality care outcomes for the elderly they serve.

We have experience in strategic planning for business development, market positioning/branding, census development, ACO’s/ “preferred provider relationships,” clinical innovation projects, and dual certification strategic planning for veterans homes.

MDS Compliance Program Assessment/Training/Focus Audits

The Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA ’87) dramatically changed the way nursing homes approached resident care, radically modifying nursing home regulations and the survey process.  The federal government established a requirement for comprehensive assessment as the foundation for planning and delivery of care to nursing home residents.

OBRA-Omnibus Reconciliation Act mandating that skilled nursing facilities:

  • Provide the necessary care and services to maintain and attain their highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being
  • Must ensure that a resident obtains optimal improvement and does not deteriorate within the limits of their rights to refuse treatment and within the limits of recognized pathology and the normal aging process

OBRA mandate set stage for the RAI tool-Resident Assessment Instrument ..a tool for a national comprehensive, standardized, reproducible assessment of each resident’s functional status. These acts became their own Federal regulations and the Minimum Data Set (MDS) was added to the OBRA budget bill of 1987 to “universalize assessment” so all residents receive an individualized plan of care providing services to maintain them at their highest function. The MDS became ground zero..the “core operations tool” for skilled nursing facilities and the basis for the 5 Star Quality Rating system, survey preparation, Federal funding (Medicare/Medicaid).

These processes, clearly, are central to nursing home operations. CMS has a current and persistent focus on MDS with MDS Focus Surveys nationally, “recovery audits” of MDS information with substantial quality and financial implications for facilities.  We have expertise in the MDS arena.

Restorative Program Assessment/Training/Focus Audits and Therapy Evaluation

We will evaluate therapy and restorative programs to ensure they are meeting Federal CMS guidelines, OBRA regulatory compliance guidelines and OIG’s corporate compliance program.

Services include: therapy contract analysis, productivity levels, reimbursement rates, regulatory compliance, operational assessment, financial and department review and especially quality care outcomes for the elders our clients serve.

Restorative programs can be assessed with the same analysis and outcomes in mind. Many organizations attempt “restorative nursing” programs, but few actually achieve what they set out to do.  Restorative programs need to be overseen and implementation of these programs needs to be done using a “team” focus and in coordination with therapy program services.  Entire care centers nee to commit to providing quality of care to all residents.

Our President was author/creator of the “cutting edge” Restorative Rehab. Certification Course for the State of Illinois providing all 60 hours required for certification. The Illinois Nurses Association (INA) approved course provided participants with the 60 hours of training as required by IL Administrative code 300.1210 for restorative nursing.

We will assess programs, recommend and implement action plans as desired.  Successful therapy and restorative programs will improve care center quality measures and 5 star rating, raise, increase reimbursement rates, improve the marketing strategies within the community and with community and increase regulatory compliance successful outcomes.

Risk Management Assessment

Risk management and the ability to recognize/anticipate events that could have serious impact on systems management operations,  resident care outcomes, regulatory compliance and financial  results. Our team will assess areas pertaining to the resident admission agreement, OIG corporate  compliance program, incident/accident process, employee retention/turnover, surrent systems/operations management, leadership development/training needs and equip you organization for a strategic plan for success.

Startup Projects for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Senior Care Housing

We can assist you with licensure and certification start up for skilled nursing facilities and senior housing, We can provide operational assessment and planning, staff training, staffing and financial pro formas to meet you organization’s needs. We have expertise in licensure requirements, CMS certification, including VA certification process and regulatory compliance to guide you through this process for successful outcomes.

Financial Management Analysis/Benchmarking

We have associate experts with extensive knowledge of budgeting, analysis, fiscal management and benchmarking along with reimbursement MDS expertise, as well as Restorative Rehabilitation Program expertise.

Expertise to assess productivity, cash flow, revenue cycle management. Based on financial analysis and benchmarking analysis, we can assess the front end systems/operations, and leadership development needs contributing to these outcomes and provide an operational plan to include training, implementation, and outcomes measurement if desired.

Expert Witness Services

Expertise, integrity, wealth of knowledge, credible, and well respected. As a turnaround specialist and subject matter expert, our president can provide expert witnessing matters of regulatory compliance, comprehensive assessment and plan of care/outcome due to proven successful experience and having served in an advisory capacity for State of Illinois Boards.

Permanent Placement Search

What sets us apart is that we are honest and straight-forward, and believe in placing the best people to move your organization forward. Due to our proven successful outcomes, we have a vast network of professionals who have worked with and for us. We focus on what matters most:  people, systems, equipment.  If you hire good people, they’ll hire good people.